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Here are the major steps in creating a web site and presenting it to the public:

  1. Plan the objectives of your web site(s) and the target audience .  What will be visually attractive to that audience and what wording (content) will convince that audience to choose your business, your products or your services.  If one of your potential customers or clients is searching for you, how might they phrase their inquiry?  What words will they search for?  (We call these Key Words.)
    It is very useful to examine web sites of similar organizations and of your competitors for ideas.  Also, having multiple web sites can serve multiple audiences and multiple objectives.  It is even possible to have multiple domain names pointing to a single web site.
  2. Choose one or more domain names that will highlight your business. For example, the domain name for this web site is WebByPros.com  Find whether the domain names you would like are available.  Buy them.  This is the least expensive part of the process.
  3. The features of your web site will help to determine where it should be "hosted".  Hosting requires a hosting server computer and it works like this:
    • You (or your web site developer) creates the pages of your web site and fills them with headings, content, pictures, graphics, forms, sales promotions, navigation buttons, etc.
    • You publish your web site onto a hosting server...typically in some unknown, remote location...but connected to the internet.
    • Visitors and customers use an internet browser like Internet Explorer from Microsoft, Firefox from Mozilla, or one of the many others like Opera, Safari or Chrome to find your web site.
    • The browser sends a request like, "Here I am at your web site, what do you have for me?"; the hosting server responds to that request by sending a page from your web site.
  4. Buy one or more domain names from a domain name registrar.  Set up the registrar's information about your domain with the DNS (domain name servers) values obtained from the hosting service.
  5. Build your web site and upload it to the hosting server.
  6. Continue with marketing and evaluation.  Use social media, search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising; then check the number of visitors and the conversion rate.


Tackle the Web with $5.99 .COM's from Go Daddy!Steps 2 and 4 -- Buy a domain name
We have used a variety of domain name registrars over the years but GoDaddy has everything we need.

Look up domain names to see if they are available for sale.[If you create an account,  keep track of your user ID and Password.]

Arachnonet HostingStep 3 -- Hosting.
WebByPros buys in bulk, wholesale, from Arachnonet  since 2003.  That allows us to resell space on a hosting server to users who only need a small portion.  Most of our customers only have one domain and a relatively small amount of storage on our shared server.

Their servers include cpanel, mysql, fantastico and loads of extra services.  Their down time is less than 1 day in five years...very impressive!

Step 5 -- Build a web site.

Latest Release! NetObjects Fusion!  

Net Objects Fusion is the tool I have used for web site development from the beginning... specifically since version 1... it is now on version 12 (XII); the original developer sold out to a new developer who has been in charge since version 9.  The huge advantage of NetObjects is that it is totally drag-and-drop unless you want to use the powerful tools that are available to add special features.

Now they even offer a free version, called NetObjects Essentials.  Be sure to download a user manual that will take you step-by-step through your own development of a fairly sophisticated web site.


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