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Our Goal is Your Success!

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About Us

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WebByPros is a full-service Internet development company.
...Our goal is your sucess...
We will

  • analyze your needs to set up appropriate Internet services for you
  • work with you on simple information pages that tell about your business or on more complete Internet sites for larger organizations and businesses
  • help you establish a presence on the Internet with your own domain name, such as WWW YOURNAME COM
  • provide hosting services with multiple email accounts
  • use your pictures and graphics or create new ones to enhance your Internet image
  • provide forms, e-mail accounts and other methods for your customers, members, employees or associates to contact you
  • publicize and market your site, your business and your products or services to people on the Internet.

Our specialties are

  • site designs with no "broken links"
  • NEW providing routine analysis of the log files that track visitors to your web site with either MS Word or HTML formatted reports.  (Ask your hosting provider whether the "raw log files" are available.)
  • providing affordable hosting with very high speed connections to the internet backbone, unlimited email accounts and complete log files.
  • Consulting.

Very competitive pricing & fees
...ask for a

Your project will be completed or supervised by:


Steve Colberg*
554 NE 100th St
Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 632-0061

*Steve says, "My first computer project was in 1959 when I was an electrical engineering student at the University of Idaho.  I have been using all of the latest versions of software and hardware since then...analog, then mainframes, then desktops, now the web.  The Internet is my new challenge! "

 Steve has a BS in Physics, an MA in Statistics and about 45 years of computer know-how.  Check out his portfolio or request a quote for your project now.

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